Puzzle Set

Puzzle Set

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When a phone is ringing or someone is at the door, individuals with hearing impairments or deafness have difficulty determining sounds, emergencies, or communication attempts. We offer a comprehensive selection of deaf alert systems, so you can invest in the quality assistance of technology to keep your students or patients safe. Designed to make sure the user is aware at all times, we proudly offer super bright alarm clocks, extra-loud doorbells, remote receivers, alert units, emergency signalers, vibrating accessories, and other convenient deaf products. Alert systems are essential when you are unable to hear. Prepare your classroom, therapeutic listening lab, or home with the latest products in assistive hearing technology.
Our wide selection of deaf alert systems includes endless opportunities to provide safer environments and solutions for individuals without hearing. Whether you or your student wears a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, we offer state-of-the-art technology to alert users of emergencies. Our variety of alert units include switch-accessible communication devices with the capacity to add up to four phone numbers to call in the event of an emergency. Many of the products we supply feature vibration mechanisms to shake your bed when you need to wake up, if the telephone’s ringing, or if someone’s at the door. We also supply vibrating pads that can easily be connected to any manufacturer’s phone, alarm clock, or signaling device.
We also carry a wide variety of deaf products with strobe lighting effects and sonic alerts. Amplified ringers with strobe lighting amplify your incoming calls and flash brightly so you will never miss another call. Looking for a vibrant, effective way to wake up in the morning? Look no further than our sonic boom alarm clocks. These devices feature multi-colored displays with pulsating alarm lights and bed shaking mechanisms. Keep track of time on-the-go utilizing any of our vibrating wrist watches. They conveniently feature abbreviated text prompts to assist with programming and setting confirmations.
EnableMart is the one-stop destination for investing in top deaf alert systems and deaf products. Find safety and improved management in the comfort of your own home, classroom, office, or any environment. If you have any questions or concerns about product availability, we’re here to help! Contact us today for assistance in finding the ideal product for your needs.

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Manufacture: Sonic Alert (https://www.sonicalert.com/home-aware-signaling )

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