Where to try Assistive Technology in Qatar

To learn more about the latest Assistive Technology, please visit the Mada Innovation Lab located on the 7th Floor of Al Nasr tower B on Asia Street, Corniche Area.

Mada has enabled a variety of AT stations in Qatar to demonstrate a wide range of assistive technologies for AT users within the centers and institutes.


Digital Inclusive education is one of the priority sectors in Mada’s strategy. We believe that education offers vast possibilities for a positive impact on students with disabilities and is an essential element of integration and social inclusion because it removes any barriers limiting student’s abilities and competencies. Therefore MADA partnered with key education sectors in Qatar to install various AT stations to cater for the needs of students with a large spectrum of disabilities like Autism, Learning difficulties, Communication Difficulties, Access Limitations, Hearing and Visual Difficulties, etc.… to facilitate their access to education.

If you are a student or a parent of a student, you can find more information about those AT stations below.

Roua Station

Roua Center

  •  Address: Al Thumama, Ibn Al Baitar Street
  •  Phone: +974-40129195
  •  Email: roua.aasc@edu.gov.qa


QU (Qatar University)

Qatar University

  •  Address: Dafna, Al Jamiaa Street
  •  Phone: +974-44033333
  •  Email: info@qu.edu.qa

Al Shafallah Center

  • Station 1: Speech Therapy Department 
  • Station 2: Portage program  
  • Station 3: Library Department 
  • Station 4: School Unit 1 
  • Station 5: Daily Care unit 
  • Station 6: Vocational Training Department 
  • Station 7: Autism Department 


AT Stations

Al Noor Center For The Blind (School Kits)


Community College of Qatar

Community College of Qatar

  •  Address:Lusail Male Campus, P.O.Box: 7344, Losail City, Doha Qatar
  •  Phone: +974 44011400
  •  Email: talabi@ccq.edu.qa


Qatar Foundation-Awsaj Academy

Qatar Foundation-Awsaj Academy (School Kits)

  •  Address:Awsaj Academy, Education City, Al-Rayyan, Doha, Qatar
  •  Phone: +974 44542111
  •  Email: awsajacademy@qf.org.qa


AT Stations

Qatar Foundation – The Learning Center (School Kits)

  •  Address:Al Luqta Street, Education City – Qatar Academy Doha
  •  Phone: +974 445 42106
  •  Email: ccherian@qf.org.qa


AT Stations

Qatar Foundation – Renad Academy (School Kits)

  •  Address:Bani Hajer, Zone Number: 51, Street Name: 1264, Building number 16
  •  Phone: +974 4454 5874
  •  Email: bfabian@qf.org.qa
Training and Educational Development Centre

Training and Educational Development Centre

  •  Address:Alnuaimi, Alnuaimi Area, Doha Qatar
  •  Phone: +974  44045115
  •  Email: tedc@edu.gov.qa


Al-Hedayah Kindergarten for Special Needs-Dahl El Hamam

Al-Hedayah Kindergarten for Special Needs-Dahl El Hamam


Al-Hedayah School Al Thumama

Al-Hedayah School Al Thumama


AT Stations

Al-Hedayah School Alsakhama


AT Stations

Al-Hedayah School Al Hilal


AT Stations

AL Yarmouk Boys School


AT Stations

Roqaya Preparatory for Girls Independent School

  •  Address:Wholesale Market Street
  •  Phone:  44598500
  •  Email: roqayya@edu.gov.qa


Community and Culture

Through its strategic partnership with essential community and culture sectors in Qatar, MADA launched several AT stations in different locations to promote an inclusive and accessible community for all people with disabilities and to ensure accessible government services, accessible retail services, accessible health services and accessible media services.

If you are a person with a disability or a parent of a PWD, you can find more information about those AT stations below.


Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI)

  •  Address:Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, Building 24, Doha – Qatar
  •  Phone: +974-44395777
  •  Email: nesmaak@hamad.qa



Center for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly (Ehsan)

  •  Address:Third Ring Road, Doha – Qatar
  •  Phone: +974-40121000
  •  Email: media@ehsan.org.qa


AT Stations

Child Development Center (CDC)

  •  Address:RH in front of NCCR Hospital, Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, Doha – Qatar
  •  Phone: +974-40256349 / +974-40256334
  •  Email: nesmaak@hamad.qa


AT Stations

Sidra Medicine

  •  Address: Al Gharrafa Street, Ar-Rayyan, Doha, Qatar
  •  Phone: +974-40033333
  •  Email: info@sidra.org


AT Stations

Ministry of Interior

  •  Address: Annex Administrative complex, Onaiza Road, Doha
  •  Phone: 2367111
  •  Email: info@moi.gov.qa


Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library

  •  Address:Qatar National Library, Education City, Doha, Qatar
  •  Phone: 4454 0100
  •  Email: qnl@qnl.qa


AT Stations

Primary Health Care Corporation