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Mada Innovation Program


Over the last ten years, the Mada Center has established itself as an internationally recognized organization dedicated to creating more inclusive spaces through Assistive Technology and e-Accessibility. Since opening its doors in 2010, the Center has engaged in countless projects that have had direct impact on the ability of people with physical, hearing, visual and learning disabilities to lead more independent lives.

Central to this work has been the development of Arabic language solutions, whether they be software or standalone dedicated hardware. Through partnerships with local and international partners, and actively facilitating support for innovators, and entrepreneurs, the Mada Center has been able to develop a number of Arabic language solutions.

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Success in the area of supporting innovative technologies over the past decade has formed the foundation for Mada to formalize these efforts in the Mada Innovation Program Ecosystem. The ecosystem offers a clear operating model for enabling Information and Communication Technology Assistive Technology and Accessibility, research and innovation through customer segmentation, innovation planning workshops, and market assessment of technology within the education and culture sectors. It is important to note here that culture is defined broadly to include access to all aspects of social life that are critical to independent living. This includes but is not limited to museums, digital broadcasts, cinemas, retail spaces, sports facilities, transportation and smart homes.