Success Stories

Meet Hamad

12-year-old Hamad was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that limits his mobility. Simple tasks like studying, moving, and gaming with friends were highly challenging.
We at Mada offered Hamad various assistive technologies that facilitated his day-to-day tasks. Hamad today dreams of becoming the first Qatari to start a YouTube gaming channel.

Meet Saoud

Saoud is a young adult in a wheelchair who has Cerebral Palsy. Saoud is a highly motivated and committed individual with excellent people skills and a genuine interest in helping others.
He joined the Access to Employment Program offered by Mada in 2018 and is working now as a receptionist at Um Salal Primary School. Saoud uses Arabic BigKeys with a keyguard and a joystick mouse to access the computer and perform his daily tasks.

Meet Adam

Adam is a young boy with severe Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user. He is a nonverbal communicator and enjoys playing video games and watching football.
Adam has been using the Eye Gaze I15+ to communicate with others. Also, He accesses his school curriculum with the Grid 3 software and the Clicker 7 in both versions of English and Arabic.

Meet Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman is a student with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair to move around. Abdul Rahman uses the computer with a joystick to access his curriculum. He also uses the iPad attached to his wheelchair for learning and creative activities, such as drawing.


Qatari Money Reader

Qatari Money Reader App is developed to detect and read Qatari Riyal currency notes using the camera of the smartphone. Primarily, identifying the value of banknotes is one of the main challenges faced by people with visual impairments.


Lazarillo is an Autonomous guidance Application for smart devices primarily used by people with visual impairment. Through voice messages it allows user to know the current location and nearby services provided, giving the right information regarding bus stations, cafes, banks, restaurants, street intersections, etc.

Meet Fatima

Fatima has a visual impairment and studies law at Qatar University. She is using the BrailleSense notetaker device to take notes during lectures, complete her assignments, and communicate with her classmates.