Accent 1400


Operating System: Other

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The Accent® 1400 features a sleek design with a 14″ high-definition, daylight-readable display and extraordinary all-day battery life. The device is built to last with a magnesium frame, chemically-hardened glass and a moisture-resistant seal. The Accent 1400 also offers multiple access modes supporting a wide array of switches, joysticks, and other tools, and accommodates the PRC Look® Eye Tracking and NuPoint® Head Tracking systems.

Features include;
vailable with Unity®, LAMP Words for Life®, CoreScanner™, Essence®, UNIDAD®, WordPower™, and WordCore language systems in grid sizes 4-144
Includes NuVoice® and Empower™ software options
A wide range of optional voice synthesizers
Compatible with 3rd party SAPI voice synthesizers including deliverables from The VoiceKeeper, VocalID and Acapela MyOwnVoice
Look module integration, featuring an all-new module using the latest in Eye Tracking technology
Splash-resistant from all angles
Fanless for silent operation
Six IR emitters positioned for optimal coverage
Bluetooth® for wireless accessories and phone functionality
Front and Rear cameras
Wi-Fi Capable*
Removable carry handle

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Prentke Romich Company (PRC – Saltillo)

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PRC Accent 1400 introduction video:

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