Clicker 7

Clicker 7

Operating System: Windows, iOS

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Clicker 7 is a software designed to help struggling readers, writers and English language learners to access support tools they need at school, work or home. The program can help individuals with Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties, Speech or Language Impairments, Physical Disabilities, Low Vision, Autistic Learners, and Downs Syndrome. The program has a word processor on top and a grid with different cells that contains letters, words or phrases to help children to write sentences without typing them. Additionally, it allows the user to hear before writing and even highlights the text as it’s spoken. Furthermore, it allows users to write with pictures and animate their writings. Also, the program provides free learning resources as well as it allows the user to create his own sets of grids, links them, and have full-screen grids. As well, it supports voice recording, MP3 sounds and MPEG videos.

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Manufacturer: Crick Software

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