Clicker 8 (English and Arabic)

Clicker 8 (English and Arabic)

Clicker 8

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Chrome

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Clicker 8 is upgraded version from Clicker 7, which is combining inclusive literacy tools on it.  

  1. Clicker Grids enable pupils to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers. 
  2. Clicker 8’s new ‘Picturize’ button instantly adds pictures to any Clicker Grid, helping children to find the word they want. Choose from over 4500 Clicker curriculum pictures or use your own. 
  3. Make curriculum content accessible for all with talking Clicker Books, support emergent readers and EAL pupils with Matching Sets, and use Talk Sets to develop speaking and listening skills. 
  4. Organising ideas is a vital first step in the writing process, and one that many learners struggle with. Clicker includes a child-friendly mind mapping area to help learners prepare for writing. 
  5. Clicker includes free access to LearningGrids, an ever-growing bank of ready-made classroom resources created by our curriculum team. 

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Manufacturer: Crick Software
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