Cough Drop Application (Arabic-English)

Cough Drop Application (Arabic-English)


Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome

Availability at Mada Center : In-Stock

CoughDrop is an open, flexible communication AAC app for people with complex communication needs, that can grow and expand with the user, make it easier to provide meaningful supports, and provide useful insights, all in a clean, cross-platform package.

CoughDrop is built to run on all major devices, including desktop computers and laptops, iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Kindles, Chromebooks, and Windows devices. The interface stays consistent across devices so that users can swap out devices with minimal interruption or confusion. CoughDrop is built on modern web standards and offers an open API and integration points to try to work with as many existing systems as possible.

CoughDrop has vocabulary sets for many different levels, with built-in supports and vocabulary progression tools to start basic and grow over time. It has support for eye tracking and switches, and also new input methods like joysticks and gesture control, to give the user more flexibility.

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Manufacturer: CoughDrop

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