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Google Earth

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome

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Google earth allows the user to view specific addresses and locations on a 3-D map eat of the earth. This application is very easy-to-use and could be used by almost any age group of Bibry patients students and teachers. This would generally be a very good application for teachers to consider introducing to students so that they can get used to using the Internet and maps. This would also be a very good application in instances when you were dealing with students who have visual spatial problems and issues with map reading. It would provide the students with the more concrete way of learning about how to process were different locations are using a practically 3-D rather than a 2-D map. I would consider using this application with almost any grade level starting with possibly lower elementary to upper elementary and above. If this application was applied to specific subject areas in a school it would probably be most relevant to either a science or social studies class setting. The application is free and it is definitely something that even if teachers don’t want to applied into their classrooms it would definitely be an excellent app application for personal use.

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