Oticon Amigo Arc

Oticon Amigo Arc

Operating System: Other

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Amigo Arc is a universal neckloop receiver that acts as a bridge between an FM transmitter and the child’s hearing aid. Amigo Arc works with any instrument with a telecoil – including cochlear implants and bone anchored devices. It can also be used with headphones by children with listening or attention difficulties, to help them hear better and concentrate more easily. To the untrained eye, Amigo Arc looks much like an mp3 player. Children can show it off in one of five trendy colours – from cool white to chilli red – or conceal it completely under a shirt or sweater. Either way, it’s extremely safe to wear, thanks to a safety release that automatically opens if the neckloop should get caught on something. Amigo Arc offers easy connection to mp3 players – with a bass boost that makes music sound richer than ever. When it’s time to watch TV, children will get far more out of their favourite programmes, as the extra FM boost makes the sound quality much clearer.

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Manufacture: Oticon (https://www.oticon.com)


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