Oticon Amigo T31, T30

Oticon Amigo T31T30

Operating System: Other

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Teachers want to spend their time teaching – not trying to decipher complex FM systems. Amigo transmitters make life easy. They simply turn on the transmitter, clip on the microphone and begin teaching. The transmitters send the teacher’s voice directly to the pupil, overcoming the effects of noise, distance and reverberation that can make it hard for children to hear.
There’s always lots of activity taking place in a classroom, and background noise in any form can be extremely distracting to children – but particularly to those with listening difficulties.
Amigo Star has the ability to help children conserve some of their resources to concentrate on what matters most: their learning.
Amigo Star is the latest evolution of the Amigo FM family – designed to help normal hearing children with listening difficulties concentrate better in class.
• Smooth integration: integrates with the Amigo FM system or any FM system already in place
• Comfortable and discreet: available in a range of colours with tubes and domes in various sizes
• Easy and intuitive to use: fit it to the ear, switch on, sync and start
• Robust: drop- and water- resistant

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Oticon (https://www.oticon.com)

User Support: https://www.oticon.com/-/media/oticon-us/main/download-center/amigo/ifu/108616us-instructions-for-use—amigo-t30-t31.pdf

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