Sensory Guru

Sensory Guru

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Our Sensory Rooms are focused on inclusion and incorporate the latest in sensory technology, helping to reimagine how a sensory room looks, feels and functions. Our spaces offer content-rich interactive experiences providing social, educational and therapeutic benefits for all ages and abilities. Spaces designed by Sensory Guru offer multi-modal access and variable levels of stimulation. We also ensure that they are easy for staff to set up, use and customise.The design team like to collaborate with clients to identify the key needs and desired outcomes for their users. Each space is scalable to suit the the needs of different individuals and is based on rewards, successes and exploration to grow a users confidence and exercise a range of skills.
With our Sensory Learning Environments, customisation is vast. We will work with you to provide not only hardware and installation services, but also the content and user experience too. We are able to configure a wide range of access devices including IR, and wireless switches, gesture and camera tracking, eye control, modified game controllers and a range of bespoke input devices. We provide a wide range of options for the development of sensory rooms and hydrotherapy pools. From simple colour wash lighting to interactive projection walls, we can deliver a design that will inspire and stimulate your students. We have created an online design platform to collaborate with our clients. This puts you in control from the outset and enables you to modify the designs in real-time to ensure you are happy with the direction.

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