Tobii Dynavox I-16

Tobii Dynavox I-16

Operating System: Windows

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The I-Series is an eye gaze-enabled speech generating device featuring the world’s leading eye tracker. Purpose-built for people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome or ALS, this Windows-based device is controlled completely with your eyes to communicate and live more independently.

The I-16 is a custom-built AAC devices that enable communication and independence for people with disabilities via eye control and other access methods.

It is the lightest, fastest and most durable integrated eye tracking device available and is packed with ground breaking innovations such as a partner window and industry-leading eye tracking performance using Tobii’s latest eye tracking sensor IS5. The partner window is a second screen, located on the back of the device, which mirrors the phrases being typed and enables true face-to-face communication

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Manufacturer:  Tobii Dynavox

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