Compact 6 HD Wear

Compact 6 HD Wear

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Wearable device by Optelec: the Compact 6 HD Wear. With the Compact 6 HD Wear accessory, you can enjoy a 2-in-1 video magnifier that is both handheld. Use the Compact 6 HD on its own as a handheld magnifier to read texts and magnify objects, and lock it into the Wear to transform it into a wearable magnifier. With the Wear, you keep your hands free to work on daily activities such as writing, cooking and paying bills. The hands-free operation also allows for ultimate relaxation when watching TV, enjoying movies, or viewing photos. When used with the Compact 6 HD Speech, you can even enjoy hands-free text-to-speech! Just take a snapshot and listen as the Compact 6 HD Speech does the work. To start using the Compact 6 HD Wear, simply lock the Compact 6 HD Speech or Compact 6 HD into the Wear, and put it on your head. The Compact 6 HD Wear magnifies the full screen and brings it close to your eyes. It provides an 18” screen at a 25 cm / 10” distance and ensures comfortable viewing and minimal eye strain. Thanks to the full screen projection in both eyes, you will enjoy sharp images and panoramic views.

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Manufacture: Optelec (

User Guide: 20Wear%20User%20Manual_English.pdf

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