Index BrailleBox V5

Index BrailleBox V5

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BrailleBox is a Braille printer for high volumes of braille production. Create hassle-free braille books instantly with this cut sheet fed embosser. Print braille books with BrailleBox using A3 (or 11×17 inch) paper in booklet format. The pages are printed and pile in page order, fold along the centered braille line and you have a ready braille book. Economically emboss braille using BrailleBox V5’s sheet fed technology. New to BrailleBox V5 the door has shifted from manual, to automatic by simply pressing the DOOR key on the front panel of the embosser. The efficient printing speed on this paper is lower than 900 pages per hour. This because less hammers are used and more time are used for paper handling. The control panel is a local user interface which allows the user to interact with the braille embosser and provides complete embosser control.

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