Index Basic-D V5 Embosser

Index Basic-D V5 Embosser

Operating System: Other

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Basic-D V5 is a compact and powerful tractor-fed Braille printer as it has always been; but now it’s available with new modern features like Wi-fi connection, embossing from USB memory and braille printing from mobile devices. Basic-D V5 has been updated to include all the latest Braille techniques and compatibility with mainstream technology. Select and save region specific layouts or operate using 1-9 layout options including user defined. Emboss Braille horizontally or vertically (sideways) on the page using the Basic-D V5 Braille embosser. Light is an important design component in all V5 embossers and a hallmark for its technology level. It both guides the user interface and decorates the embosser. Index Braille V5 embossers are compatible with portable devices. With the use of your portable device and Index’s own idB (free), endless braille embossing options are available directly from your smart phone, tablet or portable PC.

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