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Luna S

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Luna S is a 4.3-inch handheld electronic magnifier upgrade from Snow video magnifier. It brings user crystal-clear images and some other great features in a compact body. Put Luna S in your pocket, and user are good to go: read menu, read books, listen to radio, check price tag up, everything everywhere. Luna S is a handy visual aid for everybody with low vision. Luna S, taking the advanced image processor and auto-focus camera, keeps the display sharp all the time. Even in the high contrast color modes or fast movement, the image is blur-free. As Luna S is used closely on the reading material, there is no light reflection or distortion. Every word displays bigger and clear. With the writing stand on the back of Luna S, you can write diary, sign the contract, bill or other documents. Writing stand can be folded when it’s not needed.

Luna 8 is a handheld electronic video magnifier from Zoomax low vision aids. The compact body, lightweight design, and 8 hours extra long battery life is perfect for use everywhere. Whether reading a book or newspaper at home, using it to study for school, or taking it with user to work, Luna 8 is the perfect companion for magnifying things user want to see. Although Luna 8 is easy to use for reading, it is also highly functional for outdoor life. It’s light, and easy to carry around; it has distance viewing that enables you to see the menu board in restaurants, or the slides projected in the conference room. With extraordinary 8 hours battery life, Luna 8 is your perfect portable magnifier for continuous use.

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Manufacture: Zoomax

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