Optelec ClearReader+

Optelec ClearReader+

Operating System: Other

Availability at Mada Center : In-Stock

Optelec ClearReader+ and ClearReader+ Basic, combining fast text-to-speech, a choice of high quality naturally sounding voices, and all in an attractive portable design. With the Optelec ClearReader+and ClearReader+ Basic accessing printed documents such as magazines, newspapers, books or a letter from a friend has never been easier. The Optelec ClearReader+ is portable and battery powered and can be used around the home, on holiday, at school or at work, making it ideal for reading a recipe in the kitchen, a book in the library, today’s newspaper in the garden or reviewing bills. The Optelec ClearReader+ Basic offers all the benefits of the ClearReader+ without the facility of on-board rechargeable batteries. The Optelec ClearReader+ is easily adjusted to playback at a more comfortable reading speed and volume.  You can even connect a separate set of headphones and listen discretely.

Additional Information:

Manufacture: Optelec (https://in.optelec.com/products/clearreader.html)

User Guide: https://in.optelec.com/downloads/IN/Documentation/RFD-05937A_Optelec%20ClearReader%2B%20Advanced%20Features%20and%20Functions%20V1.0%20EN_NL_FR_IT_ES_DE.pdf

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