Optelec Compact Series

Optelec Compact 10 HD with Speech

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Optelec provides the Compact family of the portable magnifiers.

The Compact 7 HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier is a portable 7-inch widescreen video magnifier with high-definition image quality, extreme simplicity, and an attractive style. Integrating the largest screen available in the Optelec Compact product family, it is still small enough to easily carry from one location to another. The high-contrast widescreen provides an increased field of view and the ability to see even more of the material compared to traditional portable magnifiers. You can rely on the ultra-sharp high definition and auto-focus camera with a patented LED lighting system for even, glare-free illumination to deliver the best available image quality. Reading newspapers and letters or viewing photos at home, in the office, at school, or while traveling has never been easier—just point and snap for instant magnified viewing or capture an image to magnify and view later.

The Compact 6 HD Speech is more than just another electronic magnifier. Being only half an inch thick, it is a pocket-sized, 6-inch touch screen magnifier that reads texts aloud, whether it is at your desk, at a store, at home, at school, or at the office. Just point the Compact 6 HD Speech magnifier at your document, take a picture and listen as the text is read aloud.  The compact size will capture the image and read you the text in over 25 languages. With the Compact 6 HD Speech magnifier you can read magnified text in high contrast colors and view objects from a short distance.  With the 6-inch screen, you can display more on the screen and maximize readability. Comes ready to use out of the box within seconds – magnifies instantly after you turn it on. Easy Mode is user-friendly, easy to use and is the default mode. Users will only see buttons they use the most: contrast, magnification, and camera switch. In Advanced Mode, users have access to more advanced buttons and options in addition to the ‘easy’ buttons, such as the Menu and Clock. In the Settings Menu, users have the option to configure the unit to their needs, for instance, color, buttons, dark or light theme, Miracast, etc.

Compact HD is a magnifier with its large 10” screen, customizable features, intuitive operation, and full page Text-to-Speech, the Compact 10 HD Speech offers all benefits of a desktop video magnifier, but in a much smaller, foldable, and portable design. The Compact 10 HD Speech magnifies newspapers, letters, and magazines for viewing of text, pictures, and other details. Its purposely designed swing-out arm opens a whole new range of possibilities. It allows the Compact 10 HD Speech to capture full-page documents and then read them to user with one press on the touchscreen. A convenient indicator at the foot of the Compact 10 HD Speech tells user exactly where to place the document to read. Just place the document, take a snapshot, and relax while the Compact 10 HD Speech reads text to user. With the arm unfolded, user can also look at photos, view packaging and product labels, and read round cans, all while holding objects naturally in the hand.

Additional Information:

Manufacture: Optelec (https://in.optelec.com/products/optelec-compact-10-hd-speech.html#overview)

User Guide: https://in.optelec.com/downloads/IN/Compact%2010%20HD/UDC-02336A_Optelec%20Compact%2010%20HD%20User%20Manual%20EN_NL_FR_IT_ES_DE_V1.4.pdf


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