VarioUltra 20/40

VarioUltra 20

Operating System: Other

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VarioUltra is the smartest Braille device. Simply put, the ergonomic design of VarioUltra is beyond anything else. From the beautiful brushed aluminum housing, to the incredibly quiet and responsive Braille keyboard, to the crisp Braille cells that feel almost paper-like, VarioUltra is an experience to be enjoyed every day. VarioUltra was the first Braille display to support simultaneous connections with multiple devices. The beautiful brushed aluminum design makes VarioUltra the lightest braille device in its class. The ergonomic braille keyboard is extremely quiet, and comfortable to type on. The Braille Notetaker apps include favorites such as a word processor, and PDF and Excel viewers. The superior quality of the Braille cells feels great.

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Manufacture: Baum Visio Braille (

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