Victor Reader Trek – talking book player & GPS

Victor Reader Trek – talking book player & GPS

Victor Reader Trek – talking book player

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The VictorReader Trek combines the world renowned simple book reading and media playback experience of the VictorReader Stream with the navigation guidance technology found in the Trekker Breeze. With the press of one button, Trek will tell you your current nearest address, the direction you’re travelling and next instructions for the route you’re following. Simply drop a voice-tagged landmark and you can receive turn-by-turn directions to that exact point. Just press the toggle button to get back to your reading material exactly where you left off. Trek specialises when you are in open area! Navigating on a college campus or similar areas can be challenging if you are new to the environment. Trek offers options to make you feel immediately more comfortable. Drop voice tagged landmarks at each building you will be returning to and Trek will always provide you with instructions to navigate there, even when no streets are found. Travel with confidence knowing that your landmarks will always be your points of reference.

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